1. Consulting. We provide pieces of advice to companies in terms of research, collection of information, prospects of the transition to the cloud. We also offer a technical solution of this issue.
  2. Architecture design. In order to fully utilize all power of cloud computing it is important to make right decisions at the beginning. The main objective is to develop an architectural model of cloud computing infrastructure of the organization. Architecture is built in the way that a particular company that uses cloud computing could achieve its goals and objectives. The point is to formulate a model of functional interaction between the levels of the cloud.
  3. Application deployment and management. The standard deployment object in the cloud computing environment – is a virtual machine image. Based on our strong experience we can manage all tasks from selecting appropriate OS environment to providing necessary native scripts, which intended to perform customer’s application automatic deployment and maintenance in cloud computing environment.
  4. Application development. With acquired knowledge of internal routines in cloud computing environment and with clear understanding of design patterns, allowing application to fully utilize all available resources, we providing software outsourcing service for our customers, who is willing to bring new edge of computer technology into their products and to considerably reduce time-to-market expenses. We have solid experience in software outsourcing business with about a decade of continuous service for our customers around the globe.