Experience in Architectural Improvements

We have experience of improving legacy architecture at low cost with 2.5 times performance improvement. This expertise includes enhancing the efficiency and functionality of existing systems without incurring high expenses. Our proficiency extends to building distributed, large-scale, and high-load cloud-based services. By leveraging the power of the cloud, we ensure seamless scalability and optimized performance for your applications.

Cloud Migration and Optimization

Our team possesses a wealth of experience in moving legacy on-premises solutions into the cloud. This migration process not only enables better cost optimization but also enhances overall system availability. We carefully plan and execute the transition, ensuring minimal disruption while maximizing the benefits of cloud technologies.

Architecture Evaluation and Consultation

One of our core competencies lies in architecture evaluation. We thoroughly assess legacy systems, identifying potential or existing performance bottlenecks. Our team then devises cost-effective solutions to eliminate these bottlenecks, guaranteeing optimal performance and resource utilization. Additionally, we offer platform strategy consulting, providing you with well-informed choices of technologies that align with your IT solution's requirements. Whether it's handling increased workloads or adopting modern industry standards, we have the expertise to support your software projects' ongoing success.